Verified ID

Users verify their IDs by connecting to their social network to build a community of trusted renters and listers

Profile & Reviews

Get to know your community through detailed profiles and confirmed reviews of other users.


Use our messaging system to learn more about a user or to ask them about their items.

What is GetNeighbor?

GetNeighbor is a convenient online marketplace allowing you to get what you need from your neighbors.

GetNeighbor also connects you with verified service providers.

How is GetNeighbor different from Craigslist or Kijiji?

All users on GetNeighbor are verified through social media platforms and cannot hide behind anonymity. This builds a community of trust and making rentals a much more comfortable experience.

We also facilitate payments easing the pain of potential conflicts with bring cash in person.

What is a proposal?

A proposal or “Booking an item” is when a user makes a request to a Lister, Store or Contractor indicating that they are interested in a particular item or service. Once you make a proposal to book an item, the Lister is sent a request for the booking. You are encouraged at this point to begin communication with the Lister so that the booking details can be discussed. There is no payment processing at this point.

What is a booking/rental agreement?
If you are interested in booking an item or service, it is now time to discuss details of the booking. GetNeighbor encourages both parties to utilize the message system to discuss all details. If the Lister agrees to the booking, then you will be contacted and asked to confirm the booking. At this point any agreed upon fees will be charged toward the item or service.
How much does GetNeighbor cost?

It is completely free to list items and services on GetNeighbor. A small service fee is charged only when you make a booking.

Which credit cards are accepted in GetNeighbor's online payments system?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

I scheduled a verified service provider on GetNeighbor who just finished the project. How do I pay him/her?

The most convenient way is directly through GetNeighbor. Once you and your verified service provider have agreed on the project cost, you can complete the payment through your dashboard.

Our verified service providers are flexible about how they receive payment. If you are comfortable with this, you can also pay them in cash or by cheque.

Either way, your payment arrangement takes place entirely between you and your verified service provider once the work is complete.

Why should I get verified?

Verification of our community helps our users make more informed decisions about who they will interact with to make rentals.

As a user, this makes it easier for you to rent from and rent to other users.

As a store or service provider, you increase your reputation and value of your brand with the GetNeighbor community. Users are more likely to rent from stores and service providers who have been verified.

How do I get verified?

We verify you through:

How do reviews work?

GetNeighbor uses a simple 5 star rating system for both the Lister/Renter and the rentable item.

When you book rentables, you can receive reviews that will appear on your profile. Renters and Listers can only write a review after a rental is completed.

You also have the option of posting a review. As a community that values honesty and transparency, a review will only be removed or altered in the event that it violates our Terms of Service.

How do I view and send messages?

The dashboard icon found at the top of any webpage on will take you to your inbox. Click on a message to be shown your complete message thread with a particular renter or lister.

When sending a message to a lister for the first time, renters use the Contact button on a listing page. We encourage our members to use the messaging system to contact each other when finalizing rentals and services. Asking questions is a great way for users to connect and to set expectations.

Before booking -- confirm details on the rentable: item condition, the lister’s terms and conditions, etc. Please make sure to keep your communication on GetNeighbor in the case of a dispute.

After booking -- be sure to plan the rental details: pick-up and drop off times, and location. Continue messaging on GetNeighbor to keep all your details in one place for easy reference.

The ‘file dispute’ feature allows you to notify us if you feel uncomfortable with the rental arrangements or if there is an attempt to book off-site. In order for GetNeighbor to protect its members in the case of a dispute, fraud or other malicious activity, it is important to keep all communication on the website, using our messaging system.

Why can't I send a message?

You need to sign up with GetNeighbor and be logged in to your GetNeighbor account to view and send messages.

How do I make my rentable available on GetNeighbor?
As a renter, how do I rent an item?
As a lister, how much time do I have to respond to a reservation request?

The sooner you respond to a request, the better your chances of renting out your rentable. You can set the duration a rental request will remain active in your listings page. The shorter the duration, the better for you and the renter.

How do I create a service listing?
What should I put in the description?

Provide specific details on the make and model of the rental item, model year and current condition. You should also include details on your preferred rental terms and conditions. As an example, you may request that the renter cleans the item before returning it to you.

The more information you can provide on the rentable, details about yourself and the terms for the rental, the easier it is for the renter to make the decision to rent from you.
How do I charge only an hourly rate?

Simply fill in the hourly tab with the rate you want and leave the other tabs (Daily, Weekly & Monthly) blank.

Is my address revealed to potential renters?

No. We only provide an approximate location by Neighborhood, to indicate to potential renters, how close the rentable is to them.

Is my name revealed to potential renters?

Yes. The GetNeighbor community is built on trust. Anonymity encourages malicious activity. All listers, renters, stores and service providers must use their real name and individual details.

How is the rented cost computed?

Please refer to the Pricing Policy in the Terms of Service.

What happens when something goes wrong with the booking?

Both the lister and the renter can file a dispute at any time if there is a serious issue with the rental agreement. This may include theft, money being taken for a non-working item, abuse, etc.

Our support team reviews any disputes. If necessary, they will notify local law enforcement for follow up action if necessary.

GetNeighbor assumes no liability in its member’s disputes and we encourage disputes to be resolved between its members before requiring GetNeighbor help in the matter. More details can be found in GetNeighbor Terms of Service. GetNeighbor encourages that the lister/store/contractor and the renter have mutual agreement for each rental request.

We encourage you to keep all communication on the GetNeighbor’ messaging system. This keeps all interactions transparent with less chance for misunderstandings.

In case of loss or damage of the rented item, the agreement reached between the lister and renter, regarding the security deposit, are particularly helpful to resolve the issue. Listers can determine a deposit amount for each listing.